Reasonable Faith

A course tackling the tough questions of faith

Each week two tough topics are discussed. There are two 20 minute talks followed by 10 minutes of discussion. It gives an opportunity to delve into the hard questions. Past topics have included anything from 'Is the Resurrection Believable?' to 'Sex and Sexuality'. Robust discussion and disagreement are welcomed!

The course runs during the university term and is open to believers and non-believers alike. It starts at 4.30pm with tea/coffee and cakes and finishes at 5.45pm.

This term's course will be taking place Sundays 22 January – 12 March 2017 in the Church Centre Lounge. The programme for this term is available from the link below.

Spring 2017 Programme [PDF]

Highfield Lectures

The Big Ego Trip: Glynn Harrison

Conflict and Conviction: Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

Why Faith Makes Sense: Alistair McGrath

Cosmology: A Religion for Atheists?: William Lane Craig


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